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Standard Originals

After years of painting landscapes and florals in the traditional style, my main focus now is creating images that I refer to as kaleidoscope paintings. These paintings are very unique. There is always something new to discover in them and I hope that the viewer will stop and study what I have done. My hope is these colorful paintings will make you smile.


These paintings are done on an Ampersand Aquabord block. No glass needed because it has been protected with a UV resistant spray and varnish. It can even be hung in a bathroom. It is 6"x6" and is watercolor with Prismacolor pencil. The wooden sides have been finished with a provincial stain. No room on a wall? No problem because it can stand alone on a coffee table or counter top.

Miniature Originals

Miniature painting is an old art form dating back to the fifteenth century. Miniatures are not just small paintings but paintings that are done meticulously under a magnifying glass. The 1/6 rule applies, meaning the subject matter must be at least 1/6 smaller than the actual size. A human head can be no larger than 1 1/2 inch. They must withstand examination under a magnifying glass. The framing should be in proportion to the picture, creating a piece that is easily hand held.